Twisted Leprechaun (Dublin 2011)

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Twisted Leprechaun was Irelands first fetish festival. There is a lot goes into a festival event and I can only congratulate all the people who worked behind the scenes to make it so memorable. There are always problems behind the scenes but it's a testament to those behind the scenes that pretty much nobody attending the event saw them.

Nemesis rope shows (2010)

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This was a bit of an intense shibari session. Clover spaced out very early on in the performance and even though we were up on a stage in an art deco ballroom it managed to feel very intimate. The music was perfect for the sustained mood of the show and it all went off very well.

London festival of the art of Japanese bondage (London 2010)

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This was the second London festival but our first and it was an amazing experience. It was also our first encounter with Hajime Kinoko but not our last. The home of the London festival is the Resistance gallery in Bethnal Green. This converted railway arch has a great combination of space and intimacy and really worked well for this event. There were many highlights to this event, one of the first was a master class with Kinoko which was very informative. The second was the nights performances. There were performers from all over Europe and I think that I can best describe the quality of them as 'variable'. Generally they got better as the night wore on. The real star of the show was without a doubt  Hajime Kinoko. His stage show really showed people what could be accomplished on stage and I think that his performance was a wake up call for many riggers who thought that they were pretty good already. The atmosphere all through the event was incredible and it was a real pleasure to make new friends from all through the rope loving world. I have many memories from this festival of things and conversations and wonderful things said; many of which I am not going to share here.  I will say that some people are very kind and that I very much appreciate their words. Clover had a highlight herself, she was tied and suspended by Hajime Kinoko. (yes we have photographic proof)Clover with Hajime Kinoko   Clover with Hajime Kinoko

London festival of the art of Japanese bondage – preformance (London 2011)

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I have to say that I'm not normally nervous performing. I really look forward to it and the rush of doing bondage with clover on stage. London was the first time I've really felt anything other than excited. Nervous is probably not the right word though. Certainly feeling an edge that I hadn't before though. Once it was finished I can't describe the feelings. Everyone was very kind in their comments. Kinoko describing it as "Very sadistic" and "Hot" was so great. Learning via interpreter that Kazami Ranki liked the performance was another incredible thrill. And finally Osada Steve liking the show and very generously giving me a few tips to improve on the final day was a great bonus for us. He also praised Clover very much as a model and commented on her strength. She makes me very proud. We had no concrete plan for the performance, just an idea about how to start and a rough idea of the finish. Everything in between being done on the fly. I think wracking is a good word for it. It wasn't flawless but we got through. Here's a video of the performance.