Performance at the first LFRA in London 2015



What with one thing and another we very nearly didn't perform but I'm glad that we did. Thanks to everyone from around the world who was a part of this fabulous event. All of the performers and teachers who journeyed to London. You guys contributed to an event with the highest standard of performance that I've ever seen anywhere in the world. Thanks to the photographers and artists who recorded the emotion of this event. To all of our friends, this was a very special time and the atmosphere love in London was just palpable. In this moment, yes, that was everything!

Interview with WykD Dave on


Bondage can be anything where a person is bound, it’s an all encompassing term. As for Rope Bondage, Shibari and Kinbaku… Rope bondage is any bondage involving rope at all. Damsel in distress stuff. TKB right through to Shibari. Shibari just means tying. It doesn't even mean bondage tying specifically unless used in the context of bondage. Any Japanese style tying might be Shibari.