Shibari / Kinbaku rope bondage photo galleries featuring the shibari rigging of WykD Dave and the bondage photography of Clover Brooke.

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Rigging by WykD Dave and images by Clover.

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WykD Dave & Clover Prague Shibari Festival 2017. Image by Soptik_Z

We had a great time teaching rope bondage and performing at the shibari festival and got to enjoy some great shows from our friends as well as this very intense and emotional bondage session for ourselves. Tears and happiness. Definitely one of the most intense Kinbaku scenes we've ever done on stage. Beautiful bondage and beautiful suffering with Clover.


Shibari / Kinbaku performance at BeachBind in Jamaica 2017

We had a truly awesome time at BeachBind in Jamaica and we're delighted to get these images of our first kinbaku show in Jamaica. This show had a number of firsts including our first time doing shibari on a beach, our first show on Bamboo, our first kinbaku in Jamaica. 


Shibari performance at BED (Bondage Expo Dallas) 2017 – Images by Beagleone

We had another incredible time at Bondage Expo Dallas again this year. This was our last official action, the after show shibari bondage performance. So here's us sandwiched between M0co & Beemo and Nawashi Kanna & Kagura. Hope you enjoy these, it was a great show and we had a lot of fun at the Church Dallas again.