Shibari in Warsaw Poland 2017 (Shibari Dojo Warsaw)

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We had a wonderful time at the Warsaw Shibari Dojo in Poland. Our visit was short but very enjoyable (and a bit exhausting). We hope we'll be going again soon. The weekend began with a bit of a shock as when we tried to checkin online for our flights we found our return flight had been cancelled. We got an alternative booked but we were worried for a while we'd have to call off the weekend. We got a flight though it unfortunately meant we'd have to get up at 4am to get to the airport to fly back. Still it was better than getting up at 3.30am for the flight out. Collected by our hosts from the airport and back to his place gives a small glimpse of Warsaw. On arrival we had some tea and then a nap. Yeh I know, it's the jet set life alright! Suitably refreshed and feeling like I'd been asleep for a year after only an hour, we were in shape to be sociable and have a nice chill out with our hosts. I have to say we had a very good nights sleep and a special above and beyond mention goes to our host for making us feel so welcome in his home. Next day a home cooked breakfast and off to the workshop. The first day of a workshop is always interesting as we never know the levels of those attending especially when visiting somewhere new. There was I think it's fair to say the largest range of skills in this workshop as any we've ever taught. One couple had only just bought rope before attending the workshop and were completely new to shibari, others were [...]

Bondage Expo Dallas 2018

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BED (Bondage Expo Dallas) is a special event for us. We’ve been involved with BED right from the very beginning and have been a part of it every year since. We count the BED organisers as friends and their hospitality has lead to us having the feeling of coming home when we head to BED. I know I say that every year but we feel that every year. If there’s one thing I’d change I’d like to have more time to hang out after the event than we had this year. Sadly vacation time is limited and we had to leave the day after the event. Much tears and sad goodbyes. Thursday We were met at the airport by TwistedCupcake and taken straight to the hotel. Due to our flight times it was the first time we hadn’t stayed with Dallas Kink and Cat Nawashi before the conference, it felt weird not to be going out to Cedars first. When we arrived at the hotel people were already arriving for the BED and we immediately saw some familiar faces. After getting checked in and unpacking our gear I hung out in the lobby for a while catching up with a few people. Thursday evenings main attraction is the FOREplay part at The Nines in Deep Ellum. There were performances by Parker RopeBoi who did self suspension. Olivia Lyon & LOON whom I remember actually fell off the stage, and a kind of muses of kinbaku themed performance by Kissmedeadlydoll, Fuoco & Mildred S. Pierce. There was also a lot of tying on the roof once BED’s heroic staff members had brought and set up some portable suspension frames. There was also plenty of socialising and [...]

A week of bondage at BeachBind 2018

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We were very happy to be invited back to BeachBind and we were very much looking forward to it. This is really a unique event taking place over a full week at a beautiful inclusive resort in Jamaica (Hedonism II). The atmosphere and the setting are incredible and the pace of the event is just perfect.

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