Not one but two rope shows last night. After a very relaxed day today the best I can say is… I could do with another rope show about now.

The first was a suspension show with a few transitions, clover as the ever popular schoolgirl bondage victim having a good time and hanging out in the rope and spinning round, transitions to include her favourite futomomo suspension.

The show went off well with new music (a bit of floyd for a change) The great gig in the sky’s wonderful wordless wailing going great with smooth spins and transitions.
I have to say that my own timing was a little off and I fumbled a wrap while tying her thigh for the first lift that cost between 5 and 10 seconds (very hard to judge in the moment) making everything else in the routing a bit late. What that shows me is how tight the timings are in that routine that there’s very little time to recover if I don’t nail every move first time. Great if everything goes perfectly but a bit unfortunate if things don’t. Still this is what practice is for and we’ll certainly be practising more before the next one.

Anyway in the end it went off well and it got some good appreciation from the audience.

The second show was a floor work one. We were wondering somewhat about how this would go down with a mixed audience and not just one of rope enthusiasts. Surprisingly this drew a bigger audience than the first show. (This may have been due to people who did watch the suspension show telling those that didn’t watch what they’d missed.)

This was a bit of an intense session. Clover spaced out very early on in the performance and even though we were up on a stage in an art deco ballroom it managed to feel very intimate. The music I’d chosen was perfect for the sustained mood of the show and it all went off very well. We got some positive reaction to the show and will probably asses how this went as a show more fully over the next few days.

On a side note the venue really was great. It’s a great period building, well decorated and immaculately clean.

We had a very good night.
Our thanks to all that expressed their appreciation.