Coming to re-write these blogs Legarti seems both a long time ago and very fresh in my memory.

Firstly we were naturally enough very excited to be going to Rome. We’d never been before and this was going to be an exciting adventure in many ways.

What a great time we had, the hospitality shown to us in Rome was second to none and I really mean that. The whole trip was an amazing experience. We even got to be tourists and saw some of the sights of Rome. Just an incredible city. Our thanks to Stefano Laforgia who put us up in his home and showed us some of the wonderful sights of Rome.

The sights were just wonderful and it was so great for us to be able to see something of a city we visit.

I have to say, OMG… the Coffee, the Icecream, the wonderful food at a great family restaurant. The wine! Mouth watering just thinking of it.

So, on to the purpose of the visit the Legarti bondage festival. Asside from myself and Clover the other preformers were to the best of my memory Riccardo Sergnese with Redsabbath, Andrea Ropes, DolcissimaBastarda and was at the delightful space Lost and Found studio.

There had been a lot of bad publicity in Italy about bondage after a kink accident that had nothing to do with Japanese style rope work had been labeld shibari by the press. I have to say what a great thing it was that this event happened such a short time after, with the Italian press invited to see what rope bondage was really about.

Sadly we have no video and only a couple of snaps of the performance, what we do have however are some remarkable memories of this event.

The day after the event we had a chance for one more treat, we went to be guest teachers at Rome’s shibari school. We had a great evening and it was a pleasure for us to meet so many new bondage enthusiasts. We would definitely love to go back again.

Every part of our experience in Rome was wonderful. The place and the people made it a memory we will treasure.

We shall, you may be very sure return. My sincere thanks to everyone who made this trip such a great pleasure.

Finally, a few images from the show and the Legarti poster featuring clover. Did feel a bit weird doing this in the day.