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Some things take only hours to learn but a lifetime to master. 22/09/2011
A mystery.
It’s not a mystery why one person is good at rope, it’s a mystery why so many are bad at it.31/08/2011
About rope.
Rope is not about rope.08/08/2011
I don’t do rope.
I don’t do rope. I do people, but I do them with rope.10/06/2011
Unanswered questions
It’s only the unanswered questions that remain fascinating.Of course they are the infuriating ones too. But the pursuit of the answer is what drives us on.The people that you care about always seem to provide more questions than answers.
I used to have a very great desire to be a musician. Though I practiced and became competent, I could read music, play reasonably, I never had the talent that would lift me above the mediocre. Now I see many that have a great desire to be good at rope bondage. I have great sympathy for those that try so hard, and like myself with music many simply don’t have the talent for rope bondage, and no amount of trying will lift them further.I think one of the greatest shames of life is that a person may never discover their true talent. 22/02/2011
A moment of wonderful helpless suffering, the beauty of it grips my heart like her hand, holding so tight, pleading not to be let go. 21/02/2011
Sometimes it’s more about becoming than being. 21/02/2011
I fear I am an unashamed addicted sensualist, Addicted not only to sensation but to being the cause of sensation in others. 21/02/2011
Does your work speak for you?
I’m connected to my work, it’s a part of me, it comes out of me and so I cannot help it being part of me, speaking for part of me, expressing part of me.However it’s not all of me and only connects to some aspects of my ‘self’. Though as anyone who knows me knows, they are aspects that I think are pretty important. At least they seem so to me so in this context they are.If your work doesn’t speak at least ‘of you’ and to some extent ‘for you’ then maybe you’re not doing what you should.Does my work speak for me?
Yes of course, how could it not?

It just doesn’t speak everything.

Beautiful, imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Bondage, life and love.