Interview with Scott Smith at the London Festival of the art of Japanese Bondage

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During the London festival of the Art of Japanese bondage this year I had the rare pleasure of interviewing some great people from all around the world. The festival was great this year again and had such a great atmosphere of sharing, mutual support and warmth and included people from all kinds of rope backgrounds. This is the very first interview I've conducted so I hope it's not too bad. Whatever I fell short on, Scott more than made up for. This first interview is with Scott Smith. I really enjoyed doing this interview and I hope you enjoy hearing it just as much. It was a real pleasure to get Scott's thoughts on the Festival, bondage performances and more. (I don't have an image of Scott I can use with this post at the moment so I'm going to use one of his play partner Serene Chaos from a shoot we did some time ago.)  

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