These are some sample images from
Rigging by WykD Dave and images by Clover.
You can buy prints from up to 32″ x 24″.

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Ariel Anderssen (菱縄縛り)

Ariel is a real pleasure to work with and to tie. As a model I can't recommend her highly enough. She's a wonderful person. You should check out this gallery and her modeling work and for some great bondage work of a completely different style to mine. These are mostly a study in 菱縄縛り (diamond rope tie)

Kali Shibari bondage 2011

Kali bound, innocent in white lace, corrupted in rope. Shibari bondage shoot from 2011

Shibari bondage shoot from 2011

Old shibari bondage set. Our styles have changed a lot since this was done. Interesting to see what once was I hope.

Gorgone part One shibari rope bondage shoot

Here's part one of our shoot with Gorgone. We had a really awesome shoot and got some amazing images. There's more to come so keep checking back for the second part of this and some more really great bondage shoots.

Artemis Fauna Shibari bondage shoot.

We had a great time shooting with Artemis Fauna. This was our first bondage shoot together and I think that clover got some amazing shots. The mood and feeling of these bondage pictures capture a very intimate feel. We hope that you enjoy them too.

Dark Fairy Dark Shibari set

Shibari bondage shoot form back in 2010 with Dark fairy. Images by Clover

Miu caught and tied. Shibari punishment

Naughty schoolgirl Miu is caught drawing Manga bondage images. So she get's her shibari fantasy made real.

WykD Dave and Kinbaku Luxuria in Rome 2013

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Rome (again) and I think you can see one of the reasons why in this gallery.
This was a great session of shibari and I really enjoyed rigging in […]