These are some sample images from
Rigging by WykD Dave and images by Clover.

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Miss Bliss

We had a wonderful shoot with Miss Bliss and I think got some tremendous images. Contact us for bondage prints.

Alice’s first ever rope bondage shoot.

This excellent session sees Alice's first ever shibari bondage experience and first bondage shoot. We think she really did great and enjoyed working with her. I'm sure you'll agree that these are some wonderful images from her first ever session.

Performing at The Church Dallas in April 2015.

Performing at The Church Dallas in April 2015. A favourite improvised after-show for BED. We were so tired but so happy we went ahead with this show to round off a great event!

London 2013 Gote Gasshou suspension performance.

Stills from our performance in 2013 featuring suspension in Gasshou Gote shibari. (Reverse prayer suspension bondage)

Shibari torture bondage with Raggydoll 2015

Shibari bondagte shoot with Raggydoll. Some very hard semi nawa torture bondage in this shoot. Beautiful captures by Clover Photography.


Ariel Anderssen (菱縄縛り)

Ariel is a real pleasure to work with and to tie. As a model I can't recommend her highly enough. She's a wonderful person. You should check out this gallery and her modeling work and for some great bondage work of a completely different style to mine. These are mostly a study in 菱縄縛り (diamond rope tie)