These are some sample images from
Rigging by WykD Dave and images by Clover.

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Bendy lady Shibari shoot 2016

We had a wonderful shoot with Bendy Lady. Some contorted shibari, some feeling kinbaku.

Clover shibari on the rug.

Some fun times, just us together doing shibari for ourselves.

Scarlot Rose Shibari Bondage

Shibari bondage shoot with Scarlot Rose. Some Kazushi and face up suspension along with a teppou suspension. Shibari as always beautifully captured by Clover.

Sari Shibari

Sari Shibari from back in I don't know when. You can tell from the style that it was some years ago. A visitor from France gets tied up a few times.

Roswell Ivory Shibari bondage

Roswell Ivory, Shibari bondage in derelict location. Lots of Hashira Shibari (bondage on a post), contortion and suspension bondage.

Luna Shibari in New York

Beautiful shibari bondage with the lovely Japanese model Luna. A beautiful person and a memory that does not fade.

Raggydoll Shibari bonage

Clover got some spectacular shots from our second shoot with RaggyDoll. Some wonderful light and shadow in this intense Shibari shoot.

Beaviour Fetish Shibari 2012

Beaviour Fetish shibari bondage shoot from 2012

Whitecell & Darkcell 2010 Shibari bondage couple shoot

From 2010, shibari bondage shoot (one of the first shibari sessions we shot) with Darkcell and Whitecell.

Shibari bondage show in Memphis 2016

Images from our Kinbaku show in Memphis Tennessee in 2016.

Minimalist shibari


In the interests of proving someone wrong who'd said that it was impossible to do effective bondage with only six feet of rope I set out to create a series of ties that would not [...]

Maya Homerton shibari bondage shoot 2014

Wonderful rope bondage shoot with Maya Homerton from 2014. Kinbaku beautifully capturee by Clover and a wonderful intense mood.