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Robert Wilson, Lady Gaga and the Louvre

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I’ve been very lucky recently to get to work with some incredible people.

Most recently it was a privilege and a pleasure to work with the American director and veteran of the Avant-garde Robert Wilson and with the model for one of Wilson’s video portraits, Lady Gaga who I had the pleasure of tying and suspending.

The result of this I’m blown away to say is a portrait that is now hanging in every sense in the Louvre gallery in Paris as part of Robert Wilson’s Living Rooms installation.

The installation will be at the Louvre till February 17, 2014

I had this opportunity only due to the kindness and good will of a very great friend.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been a part of this and to have worked with so many great and talented people.

On a more personal note…

Big thanks to the anonymous contributor of this image of the work in the Louvre.

The Robert Wilson portrait of Lady Gaga now hanging in the Louvre.

I pretty much can’t believe this even now. Something I’ve worked on is right now hanging in the Louvre gallery in Paris. Just incredible. I could not have imagined such a thing even months ago. Earlier this year I worked on a feature film and saw its first showing at the Raindance festival. I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of extraordinary beautiful and surprising models. This one however was the Mother Monster of surprises!

Here is Lady Gaga’s own comment on her Little Monsters website.

I got to work with some extraordinary people. My personal thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome on location especially those that were kind to the rope guy trying to get some sleep in the green room. It was a long and memorable day. I hope I meet you all again some day soon.

Special thanks to DISSIDENT INDUSTRIES INC. You guys were an amazing pleasure to deal with. Here is a link to their site’s Robert Wilson secion. And of course to Robert Wilson himself who’s project and direction this was. Please visit The Watermill Center website to learn more about his extraordinary work there.

Flying. Lady Gaga. Image by Robert Wilson.

Flying. Lady Gaga. Image by Robert Wilson.

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