WykD TK 4 Week Course

//WykD TK 4 Week Course

WykD TK 4 Week Course

A unique course on the WykD method TK over 4 weeks with 2 hours of tuition every week.

In this unique course you will receive in depth information and tuition on every aspect of the TK with personal attention and guided tying. After each class you will have a week to digest and practice what you have learned and then return for a review, troubleshooting reinforcement and new information ready for another week of practice for 3 consecutive weeks.

One of the problems with one-off classes is that there is no follow up and students leave overloaded with information. Inevitably details and nuances are lost sometimes without even knowing it. Learning needs to be reinforced, reviewed and revisited so that the unintentional mistakes that can creep in can be spotted and rectified.

This is a truly unique course providing the most complete TK tuition ever offered.

The workshop will contain information for both tops and bottoms including working together with communication and understanding between partners.

Course registration is strictly limited to 3 tying couples.

Aspects covered include…

  • Anatomy
  • Safety
  • Biomechanics
  • Rope placement
  • Interaction
  • Principles of beginning
  • Principles of conclusion
  • Balance
  • Tension
  • Variation
  • Extension


  • Models must be healthy and able to achieve the TK hands position as illustrated in the rope bottom guide.
  • There will be no switching during or between classes, the person tying initially must be the person tying for the duration of the course.
  • At least 3 Jute ropes between 7 and 8 meters and between 5 and 6 millimeters in diameter.

Classes will be conducted on consecutive Saturdays at 2pm in Ilkeston, Derbyshire from 16th of September and run for 4 consecutive weeks.

On the final week (7th October) there will be optional free rope tying after the lesson.

  • 16th September – Day 1
  • 23rd September – Day 2
  • 30th September – Day 3
  • 7th October – Day 4

£160.00 Early Bird Price must be paid by 31st August 2017. Full price is £200.00 from 1st September 2017 All tickets are for a tying pair.

Please contact us to secure your place and payment.

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About the Author:

WykD_Dave (Dave Rickman) is a UK-based shibari bondage enthusiast, who now teaches and performs internationally accompanied by his partner Clover. He started exploring bondage 27 years ago and was autodidact for the first 17 years, until a lesson with shibari professional Osada Steve changed his way of tying. Dave loves Japanese style rope work, and decided to dedicate himself to this. “It isn’t about the rope, it’s about the expression, the look in the eyes, the hopelessness, the agony”. Now, Dave & Clover teach and perform all around the world. He takes great pleasure in seeing people get it and open their minds to what rope bondage can really be. “Not just a means of restraint but a much deeper and personally connected experience than any other I’ve ever found.” Running into Dave means running into his lovely partner Clover. She is very passionate about shibari bondage too, she models and performs, as well as makes impressive photos of Japanese rope work done by Dave. Her photography focuses on the feelings involved in rope play, not just the pretty ties, and she tells stories with her pictures. Dave: “Of course Clover’s a huge part of everything. Without her photography would people ever have noticed?”

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