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BED 2015 (part the third)

The after party performance night!

I wanted to give this one a blog to itself as in the end it’s a bit of a saga.

To start with we’d had something like a total of 8 hours sleep over 3 days and frankly we felt like ass! I can’t think of another way of describing it. We felt so bad that we had to say to DK (DallasKink) that we might not be able to do a show. We felt terrible, we looked worse, we had no music and hadn’t any idea if we’d even make it through to the evening. We felt really bad for doing it but we were in truly terrible shape at that point.

Five hour energy however is a thing and really helped out with a temporary boost.

The more we thought about it the worse we felt. We really didn’t want to let anyone down and for us we didn’t want to let the event end on a flat note.

So once we’d made it past the closing ceremony we went back to the room for showers and some preparation. I got a list of songs together and mailed them off.  Then we just went to sleep for a couple of hours. I have to say it’s amazing what even a couple of hours of sleep can do to revive you.

We were ready in time and at the hotel when there was nearly another disaster. I had probably made a mistake about if we were getting a lift from the hotel. We were worried about time but then someone going to the party said that the shows didn’t start till 11 and we relaxed a bit. This could have been fatal if we didn’t get back in touch with the organisers, one of whom came to get us.

One more 5 hour energy later…

Looking back it was probably a very close run thing as M0co and Beemo had finished their show and Osaka Dan was half way through his.

I’d like to say thanks at this point to the organisers for taking this so amazingly in stride they must have been having kittens on some level but that never showed. We really appreciate the way they dealt with this.

We didn’t know how we were going to start the show till we got there and talked to M0co and Beemo about if they’d used a certain idea. As they hadn’t we decided it would be fun to do. We’d done it the previous year but had a slightly different take this time around.

I’m going to have to look back at the video to remember what we did in the show because it’s now a bit of a blur in my memory. We definitely had a fun time with the show though and as always Clover was just so great to tie. The whole thing felt very natural though.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who told us that they enjoyed the show. It was as always our pleasure and there’s always a very good feeling at The Church Dallas. The audience is great and the venue really has an amazingly positive atmosphere.

Also on a personal note I got to use Texas Flood as show music. The fact that I got to do that in Dallas and at our favourite event was a real kick for me.

Afterwards we had some great moments all the performers together in the Green room. Really moments that stick with you. I was really sorry to have missed M0co’s show and seen him ‘make it rain’ from the stage. I was really happy to see Kazami san again in fine form.

WykD Dave, Clover, Kazami Ranki, Morgan, Osaka Dan, Fuoco, Moco, Beemo

After such a down start to the day it was an awesome up to finish the Expo on! We are Sooooo glad that we did it.

So, that’s it for the event proper. We did go on to the after, after part but frankly we were so very frazzled by that time we probably weren’t good company. We went to bed on an amazingly good chilled high though knowing that we didn’t have to rush to the airport and would get to hang out with our friends for a couple of days.

Again it was amazing!

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WykD_Dave (Dave Rickman) is a UK-based shibari bondage enthusiast, who now teaches and performs internationally accompanied by his partner Clover. He started exploring bondage 27 years ago and was autodidact for the first 17 years, until a lesson with shibari professional Osada Steve changed his way of tying. Dave loves Japanese style rope work, and decided to dedicate himself to this. “It isn’t about the rope, it’s about the expression, the look in the eyes, the hopelessness, the agony”. Now, Dave & Clover teach and perform all around the world. He takes great pleasure in seeing people get it and open their minds to what rope bondage can really be. “Not just a means of restraint but a much deeper and personally connected experience than any other I’ve ever found.” Running into Dave means running into his lovely partner Clover. She is very passionate about shibari bondage too, she models and performs, as well as makes impressive photos of Japanese rope work done by Dave. Her photography focuses on the feelings involved in rope play, not just the pretty ties, and she tells stories with her pictures. Dave: “Of course Clover’s a huge part of everything. Without her photography would people ever have noticed?”

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