Saturday, BED is now in full swing. Breakfast at the hotel and then on to teach our first class. It’s an early one and we have to be there right at the crack of 10:45 in the morning!

Pressure and time is about rope bondage torture and the class was packed. I’ve got to say that we had a great time teaching the class and especially towards the end when people had questions arising from the class. Some as usual ran slightly off the class topic but if it’s contributing something useful I never mind that in the Q & A section. It’s really great when a class has a positive effect for people and leaves them with something that helps them get more out of their rope play. I want to take a line here to say how very much I appreciate everyone who’s said and written to say what the class gave them. It certainly also lead on to some excellent follow up conversations in the next couple of days.

The next class that we were personally involved with was the Kinbaku 360 class co taught by Demonsix, Kazami Ranki,  Ojipan, Faviola, Osaka Dan, Blue Risk and myself. The concept of this class looking at the development of the TK over time and the differences in execution and style even amongst today’s practitioners where there is probably more variation than ever before is a very good one and I think made the point that there isn’t really such a thing as a correct way to do a TK, though that of course doesn’t exclude the fact that there are plenty of wrong ways to do one.

As Kazami san said during the class “We are all the same” and as he also said a little later in the class “We are all different”.

Though I was down as a co-teacher for this class it was really the brainchild of the Devilmasksociety folks and all credit to them for what happened.

After the classes we had a great treat eating out with some good friends. We always enjoy these occasions and in the middle of these events and to get to talk and catch up with good friends. Also once again really excellent food and excellent company.

Back to the event hotel and a quick change and we’re off down to the play party.

I’m just going to say that we had a good night and that the guilty parties know who they are.

Sunday. The day dawned bright and far too early. I’d only had 2½ hours of sleep!

This morning I’m teaching ‘Teaching rope’. I keep wanting to put new classes in at BED and to give something different. This class was about teaching rope but it wasn’t about how to teach so much as how to asses yourself, others, know your own level, what you know and don’t know, judging when you’re ready to teach and techniques for dealing with some of the issues that come up when teaching rope. I kind of wondered if I’d hit the mark with this class and I’ve been very relieved to have so much good feedback from the people that attended. Thank you all for coming!

This was followed up with lunch in the presenters room and a good chat with some other presenters followed by a chill out and chat just me and Clover in our room before the closing ceremony.

It’s always good to have a closing ceremony and a real full stop (period for the American friends) to end an event rather than it just petering out with people drifting away. We really want to have a chance to say goodbye, clap for the organisers and the volunteers and see all of those people, who’ve worked behind the scenes stand up and be recognised for the contribution that they’ve made towards a great event like this.

Next comes the after party at The Church Dallas; but that’s another blog!