Well, I’m sitting here wanting to write about my experience at BED (Bondage Expo Dallas) this year and I really don’t know where to begin.

This event once again was just amazing. I really haven’t been to a better run and friendlier event than this one. The team behind this event really go out of their way to make this event go smoothly and to take care of everyone there and I can say as a presenter that we’ve never felt so taken care of and welcome.

I really have to mention not just the organisers but also the volunteers that make this event so special. People really give up their time and their own chances to take classes to make other people’s Expo go well.

Last year we extended our stay around the Expo to have some time where we weren’t teaching or performing and to hang out with the people behind the event and some of the other presenters. The hospitality we get in Dallas is second to none and we love hanging out with the friends we’ve made there.

I’m searching for a good way to put this, the team that run this event are really nice people. That’s really an inadequate description though. There’s not a single person running this event who isn’t someone that you’d gladly hang out with. I’ve never known such a concentrated group of good people in one event.

The event itself has a great atmosphere and never feels too crowded. One thing I love about it is that it’s still small enough to have time to talk to people and pretty much everyone fits into the classes that they want. It can be a nightmare organising any event and BED do an excellent job of programming.

Now that I’ve apparently finished writing an advertisement for the event I’ll talk more about what went on.

We arrived on the Wednesday before the event and were collected from the airport by Luluincam0 and were delivered to DK (Dallas Kink)’s for the night before we moved to the hotel. DK’s place is totally dedicated to making and using rope. I know I’m sponsored by M0co Jute but it would be wrong of me not to mention DK’s MyNawashi brand of handmade rope too! It’s always fun to hang out there and there are generally interesting comings and goings. This time there was the event bag stuffing team preparing for the event and various members of the event team.

It wasn’t long before a few other people arrived. Osaka Dan, Fred_Rx and of course Kazami Ranki and Kikorope… or was that the next morning for some of them, I forget it was a long day. I remember saying at one point, “when we were driving to the airport this morning 26 hours ago“. Everyone turned up at some point courtesy of the bed folks. I wanted to mention that because not every event goes to such lengths to take  care of you. Anyway, there was talk, there was being glad to meet old friends again and to meet a couple of people we’d known online but not in person. Also very, very importantly there was coffee. Finally there were burgers at Lee Harvey’s. Seriously amazingly good ½lbd burgers at this little dive bar. 100% recommended.

Thursday we’re in the hotel after what I’m going to describe as a Mexican breakfast and most importantly coffee. Then on to check in to the hotel. Originally I had private classes booked but got a last minute cancellation. Unfortunately for the others that had asked for privates and been turned down they weren’t in town on that afternoon I had unexpectedly free. I’m really sorry I couldn’t accommodate you all.

So it’s Friday, did an early class and soon it’s time to meet and greet! Except we forgot when it was so obsessed were we with being ready for the shows for the opening. There’s just us and Kazami Ranki performing so no pressure. We had fun doing a show that I now have absolutely no memory of. I remember the enjoyment, the pressure Clover was under and having fun torturing her and I even remember people clapping transitions (though I really do wish they wouldn’t in intense moments).

In conclusion of this first part of the BED blog for 2015 (which is in parts due to it now been 4am and just can’t carry on right now) we had a great night and even got to play a little semi-privately at the play party afterwards.